Children’s book Tomar e os Templarios, C. Trincao – April, 2020

At the end of February, Carlos Trincão and the city of Tomar presented the latest publication of the author Tomar e os Templarios (Tomar and the Knights Templar).


Carlos Trincão, a teacher in the Portuguese city of Tomar, the capital of the Knights Templar, expert in the subject and external consultant to the city council for this purpose, has written a small colorful book of 32 pages for children.


This essay will be completed next October with a book for adults on the subject “The fundamentals for Tomar and the Knights Templar”.


Launching of the book Tomar e os Templarios


The presentation of the book took place on February 29th, the eve of the municipal day of Tomar, which celebrates the beginning of the construction of the Templars’ castle and the foundation of the medieval city. The event was part of the official celebrations program of “Diais de Thomar”.


The ceremony took place in the Cultural Center, under the chairmanship of the Mayor of Tomar, Mrs. Anabela Freitas, who is also vice-president of Route of the Templars.


The launch of the book is part of the Templars Route European Federation association, the 900th anniversary of the Order of the Temple and the 860th anniversary of Tomar.


The book will be distributed to schools and English and French editions will soon be available for free download.


Launch of the book Tomar e os Templarios with Ms. Anabela Freitas, mayor of Tomar in the center, Mr. Carlos Trincão, the author on the left, and Mr. Paulo Pacedo, director of the Agrupamento Templarios school group.


An educational book that traces the history of the Knights Templar in Tomar


The book covers the main aspects of the links between Tomar and the Knights Templar in a very simple language, namely :


  • The day of the city and the motto: Tomar, the capital of the Portuguese Templars.
  • The legend of the name TOMAR
  • The construction of the castle
  • Who was Gualdim Pais and the Carta de Foral, the document that makes Tomar a city
  • The Knights Templar in Portugal
  • The Church of Santa Maria dos Olivais, Pantheon of the Knights Templar of Portugal
  • Who were the Knights Templar?
  • Why the Crusades?
  • The organization of the Knights Templar
  • The symbols of the Knights Templar
  • The wealth of the Templars
  • Women of the Temple
  • The end of the Knights Templar
  • List of Portuguese Grand Masters