Scientific publications

The last publications



– Templars. From Jerusalem to the Champagne Commanderies, edited by Arnaud Baudin, Ghislain Brunel and Nicolas Dohrmann, Somogy, 2012 (Exhibition catalogue 2012).

– October-November 2012, Dossier “Templars: warriors or bankers” in the magazine Histoire et images médiévales nelien with the Troyes exhibition and the international symposium.

– La commanderie et le trésor de Payns, Thierry Leroy, TheBookEdition, 2012

– The last Templar of Avalleur. Memoirs of Chrétien de Bissey, François Gilet and Valérie Alanièce, DVD (production Conseil général de l’Aube), 2012

– The Templar economy in the West. Patrimoines, commerce, finances, under the direction of Arnaud Baudin, Ghislain Brunel, Nicolas Dohrmann, ed. Guéniot, Langres 2013 (Proceedings of the October 2012 conference)

– Les templiers dans l’Aube, ed. La Vie en Champagne, 2013 (Texts of the 2012 conference cycle)

– Le Templier et le grand secret, Thierry Leroy, ed. Pygmalion, 2015 (novel)

– Secret Guide of the Templars, Thierry Leroy, ed. Ouest-France, 2015

– The Templars in the forest of the Orient. Myth and reality, François Gilet and Valérie Alanièce, eds. Parc Naturel Régional de la Forêt d’Orient, 2015

– The Templars and the Hospitallers in Sancey, now Saint-Julien-les-Villas, article by François Gilet in La Vie en Champagne, January 2016


Colloquia and conferences


– 24, 25, 26 October 2012, in Troyes and Clairvaux, international symposium “The Templar economy. Patrimoines, commerce, finances”, organised by the CERHIC (Centre d’études et de recherche en histoire culturelle) of the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne and the General Council of Aube as part of the year 2012 “Templars, a history our treasure”.

– April-October 2012: cycle of conferences as part of the year “Templars, a history our treasure”.

– Tuesday 10 April 2012. Media library of Grand Troyes. “Europe and Islam at the time of the Crusades” by Michel Balard.

– Thursday 12th April 2012. House of the Tool. “Hugues de Payns. La mémoire retrouvée” by Thierry Leroy.

– Saturday 12th May 2012. Media library. “The Templars in the comic strip – The Secret Triangle”, round table with Didier Convard, Thierry Leroy and Nicolas Dohrmann

– Tuesday 15 May 2012, in Payns. “Hugues de Payns, la mémoire retrouvée”, by Thierry Leroy.

– Tuesday 22nd May 2012. Salle de Notre Dame en l’Isle. “Templar Spirituality” by Pierre Gandil

– Thursday 14 June 2012, Troyes University Centre. “The Champagne of the Knights Templar: from the origins to the trial”, by Arnaud Baudin (Departmental Archives) and Ghislain Brunel (National Archives), curators of the exhibition “Templars. From Jerusalem to the Champagne Commanderies”.

– Wednesday 20 June 2012, Vendeuvre-sur-Barse church. “The forest of the Orient and the Templars. Between myth and reality”, by François Gilet and Valérie Alanièce.

– Tuesday 26 June 2012, Avalleur commandery chapel, “The Templars and the war”, by Damien Carraz.

– Tuesday 10 July 2012, Archives départementales de l’Aube, “A new alliance between God and France. The mystic-political motivations of the trial of the Templars”, by Julien Théry.

– Tuesday 28 August 2012, Payns, “The trial of the Templars of Southern Champagne”, by François Gilet and Valérie Alanièce.

– Thursday 6 September 2012. Chapel of the Commanderie d’ Avalleur. “Le devenir de la commanderie d’Avalleur à l’époque hospitalière”, by Geert Verbrughe and Cédric Roms, archaeologists.

– Thursday 6 September 2012. Chapel of the Commanderie d’Avalleur. “The Templar and Hospital Larzac: an example of cultural and tourist development around a heritage and historical theme”, by Jacques Miquel.

– Sunday 8 September Isle-Aumont church. “The last Templar of Avalleur. Memory of Chrétien de Bissey. Presentation of the DVD”, by François Gilet and Yvon Laurent – Friday 14 September 2012, Société académique de l’Aube, “Les templiers et la papauté”, by Patrick Demouy.

– Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 September 2012 at the Hugues de Payns Museum in Payns. “Les templiers, de l’histoire au polar”, by Thierry Leroy.

– Tuesday 18 September 2012 at the Espace Argence, “La marine du Temple dans l’Orient des crusades”, by Pierre-Vincent Claverie

– Tuesday 2 October 2012, in Soulaines, “History and Legends of the Order of the Knights Templar”, by Thierry Leroy.

– Wednesday 17 October 2012, Archives départementales de l’Aube, “The burning of the Templars in school textbooks from the Romantic period to the present day: one of the “Thirty Days that made France”?”, by Christian Amalvi.

– Autumn 2012. Conference by Arnaud Baudin at the Central House of Clairvaux.

– Friday 8th November 2012. “The Templars, an ephemeral glory and a tragic destiny”, by François Gilet invited by the Kiwanis Club of Arcis-sur-Aube.

– 3 April 2014 in Saint-Julien, “Les templiers et les hospitaliers à Sancey aujourd’hui Saint-Julien-les-Villas”, by François Gilet (on the occasion of the GA of the Association for the Safeguarding of the Church)

– 5 April 2014, “L’ordre du Temple et ses origines champenoises”, in Troyes, by François Gilet, (in Troyes, as part of the regional cardiology congress)

– 9 October 2014, “The Templar economy in the 13th century: the exploitation of the Temple forest”, by Valérie Alanièce and François Gilet (as part of the Congress of Regional Nature Parks, at the Maison du PNRFO)

– 16 April 2015, at the Maison de l’Outil, “Le templier et le grand secret”, by Thierry Leroy (on the occasion of the release of his novel)

– 6 September 2015 in Clairvaux, “Saint-Bernard and the Templars” François Gilet and Valérie Alanièce (as part of the 900th anniversary of the foundation of Clairvaux).


– 15 June-31 October 2012. Exhibition in Troyes “From Jerusalem to the Champagne Commanderies”, organised by the General Council of Aube in partnership with the National Archives. Curators: Arnaud Baudin and Ghislain Brunel.

– Since 2012. The “light” versions of the exhibition, limited to panels, continues to tour libraries, schools…

– Permanent exhibition at the Hugues de Payns Museum in Payns.