Templar heritage in Europe

The Templar heritage is made up of two categories of remains. On the former front areas, today in Israel, Syria and Lebanon, but also in Spain and Portugal, there are the often impressive remains of Templar fortresses. This is the case of the castles of Tomar (Portugal) and Ponferrada (Spain).

Elsewhere, and mainly in rural areas, the commanderies are more or less well preserved, where the buildings for conventual life and agricultural premises are structured around a chapel in the very pure style of Cistercian architecture. The commanderies of Avalleur and Fresnoy, in the Aube region, are perfect illustrations of this. The church of San Bevignate in Perugia (Italy) falls into the same category.

Little remains of the urban commanderies. However, the Knights Templar were well established in the cities, where they managed their commercial activities as well as important land and real estate properties. In Paris, they occupied the whole of the Temple district, at the time fortified.

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