Ruspaglia Santa Maria

In 1164, the Counts of Biandrate confirmed the donation to the Temple of all their goods ad locum ubi Ruspalia dicitur and in circuitu (in and around Ruspalia), near San Giusto Canavese. There are few references to the house of the Knights Templar, probably built thanks to the donation of the Biandrate family. In 1222, Giacomo de Mellacio, tutor of the Templar House of Vercelli, was appointed to protect the interests of the houses of Vercelli, Novara, Isana, Ruspaglia and Ivrea. The document refers to the house Ruspaglia as a domus and dedicated to Santa Maria. Later, Gabriele, domus Templi tutor of Ruspalia (tutor of the house of Ruspaglia), participated in the provincial chapter held in Piacenza in 1271.

Today there remains a small church in Ruspaglia, which belonged to the hospital and was probably built by the Knights Templar. In the archives there is a trace of a previous visit that took place in 1768. This document tells us that the church, dedicated to San Giacomo, was part of the recommendations of Ivrea. Here the dedication is different from that of Santa Maria during the time of the Knights Templar and probably dates back to the period after it was ceded to the Knights of St. John. Not far from this church there is a farmhouse called “La Commenda”, which, according to the documents of the Knights of St. John, belonged to the Order. Due to the lack of detailed studies and a series of subsequent works and alterations, it is impossible to establish whether parts of this building date from the Templar phase.

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Chiesa di Santa Maria (San Giacomo)

Ruspaglia, 10090, San Giusto Canavese, TO