Commandery of the Corgebin

As early as 1142, Innocent II confirmed the donation to the Templars of the tithe of the parish church of Brottes.


The commandery, attested in 1187, was created on the donations of the Lords of Brottes. It was rich in the immense forest of Corgebin, which still represents a thousand hectares, a few agricultural establishments and a town house in Chaumont. The domus Templi of Corgemin or Courgemin had a chapel. In the trial, Renaud Bergeron says he was received there, around the year 1303, by Laurent de Beaune, tutor of Mormant. The preceptor of the Corgebin was Aubry de Burrenville and the priest of the Temple was Guillaume dit Menavel.


The possessions of the Corgebin Temple were reunited with the commandery of Thors in 1382. The last commander, Louis François Lamirault, had the present castle built shortly before the Revolution. It allows the location of the former commandery, whose only remains are the Romanesque gable of the old chapel and some sections of medieval walls, integrated into modern buildings.

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