Chapel of Chevru

In August 1203, Hugues de Chamilly and his wife sold their land in the village of Chevru to the Templars. It is following this act, passed under the seal of the Countess Blanche, that the brothers settled and founded the commandery. A few years later, the Templars acquired by exchange from Pierre de Cornillon and his wife a whole set of goods and rights around Chevru.

In 1209, they bought from the monks of Charity everything they owned in the same place, the house of Chevru being located in the east of the village. The early 13th-century chapel, with its walls decorated with false joints, resembles that of Coulommiers.

The trial cites the house of the Temple of Chevru, its commander, and its chapel (in capella domus Templi de Cheruto Senonensis diocesis ; frater Gerardus de Pruino, tunc preceptor dicte domus de Cheruto).