Le peuple templier 1307-1312

Alain Demurger – C.n.r.s. Eds – published on January 2nd 2020

The mystery of the Templars exerts a particular fascination among our contemporaries. The simple evocation of a grandmaster, a commandery or a bailiwick is enough to trigger a powerful imagination, mixing lost treasure, holy war and royal conspiracy.

To get out of the ideas repeated over and over again, the author, an undisputed specialist in religious and military orders, brings together in this book a wealth of precise data on the Templar reality. Neither a collective biography nor a dictionary, this book collects and counts all the information mentioned about the Templars in the trials and other procedures that took place from the round-up of October 13, 1307 until the end of the order in 1312.

Origins, quarries, places… whether knights, chaplains, sergeants, it is a whole people that emerges through the 2,336 Templars counted, the oldest active since 1248, and 1,135 physically present in one or other of the procedures.

Both a catalog and a documentary base, this work provides information on an important period in the history of the Order, which sent massive numbers of recruits to Cyprus with a view to regaining a foothold in the Holy Land.

Book features:

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Language: French
Number of pages : 600
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